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Mr. Mandolin was created by the team behind Mandolin Aegean Bistro.

Fun Fact: Mr. Mandolin was inspired by the street food cultures of Greece & Turkey.

Fresh Fact: We use the freshest ingredients we can find that are organically sourced when possible. All our dips, salads, skewers, sides, and sweets are made in-house daily. 

Approachable fact: We have committed ourselves to keep our menu pricing affordable so that there’s something for everyone. We believe in offering quality goods with value for your money.

Communal Fact: Mr. Mandolin will be your neighborhood gathering spot. fast & casual. Bring all your friends and family.

Quality Fact: All our meats, poultry & fish are 100% antibiotic/hormone free, ethically raised & harvested and locally sourced when possible.

The roots of street food date as far back as ancient Greek & Ottoman periods. Street food was widely consumed by urban residents whose homes did not have ovens or hearths. Across the globe, street food is also synonymous with fast food and has become an important part of daily life with our now fast-paced lifestyle. We want to remove the notion that fast food should be unhealthy. We work hard to ensure all our products are made in-house with the best quality ingredients we can source. We wanted to bridge the cultural diversities and similarities between the street food of Turkey & Greece. Whether you want to call it gyro, döner, shawarma, etc. it's all the same to us. it's just really damn good food. There is nothing pretentious about this style of food. We are here to offer hot, fresh, lip-smacking snacks with value for your money.